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A few hours ago on Reddit she leaked list of new games which 2K planned to announce during its E3 presentation. To make it all ‘official’, leak has been confirmed by Jason Schrier on his Twitter account, and when Jason confirms something then it really stands that way.

We’ll get a new one NBA 2K22, and reportedly will Dirk Nowitzki be on the cover. Wonderlands is the name of the new one Borderlands spin-off titles where it plays a major role Tiny Tina. A link was also leaked where 2K has already protected the rights to trademark for “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands”. The source claims that the game is the same as previous titles with multiple classes available.

There is also a new one Marvel game, and is described as XCOM with Marvel heroes. The source also claims that many heroes will be lent their voices by famous actors.

The last game mentioned bears a name Volt and appears to be at a very early stage of development. It is described as a mixture Cthulhua and Saints Rowa.

Jason, however, claims that he does not believe that all these games will be revealed during the E3 presentation. What do you think? Which game did you like the most from the list?

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