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That day came, an hour and a minute. EA and DICE have officially unveiled the new Battlefield 2042. We just got it trailer, and concrete gameplay the screening is scheduled for June 13 which is Sunday. Premiere gameplay will be displayed on Microsoft pressici.

It’s hard for me personally to say that this one trailer something particularly thrilled, but we’ll wait for the concrete gameplay. The game does not come out on October 15, as we originally wrote, but on October 22.

Interestingly, the PS5, XSX / XSS and PC versions will support 128 players, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will support a maximum of 64 players and smaller maps. It is also interesting that the version of the game will for next-gen consoles and PCs cost € 10 more. The game will have none single player campaign.

It has been confirmed that the game will also offer two Battle Passes – one completely free and one paid. We will find out the contents of them later. One is planned early access beta for anyone pre-ordering the game, but DICE pointed out that it will also be open beta.

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