After Days Gone, Uncharted ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal arrives on PC

The love of PlayStation and PC continues. After Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, another big PlayStation exclusive arrives on PC. This is Uncharted 4. This fantastic game came out in 2016 on PS4 and to this day it is a good game play that will surely work on your PC and look even better.

This news is not a rumor, but was confirmed by Sony itself on presentation for investors and shareholders.

Sony’s decision is really not surprising since both Horizon Zero Dawn and the recently released Days Gone have achieved and are achieving pretty good success on the PC. If you’re wondering if it makes sense to release a few years old game back on a PC, the answer is simple – the results say it is. Sony says investment in Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn has returned over 250%.

We are sure that in the future Sony will launch certain games on the PC much earlier and that PC gamers will not have to wait several years for the release of the PS exclusive. The first ideal candidate to confirm our theory could be Horizon Forbidden West whose gameplay we’ll watch tonight.

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