Announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5, and everyone thought it was MGS Remake ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

You were supposed to read social media last night when the first shots of the announcement that Hideo Kojima had for all of us who watched Summer Game Fest started. It was clear that the main word was given by Sam Porter, the protagonist of Death Stranding, but Kojima directed it that way trailer that irresistibly resembles Metal Gear Solid. As soon as the first shots were shown, the players thought that Kojima was actually announcing MSG Remake.

Instead of MGS Remake, Hideo Kojima has announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming to PS5. We don’t know anything about the PC version and the question is whether it will be there at all. We will find out what the Director’s Cut brings in the coming weeks.

Many think that these scenes are irresistibly reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid, in fact teaser for MGS Remake. I guess we’ll find out more soon. Kojima’s name has been associated with Silent Hill Remake for some time.

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