Battlefield 2042 has no campaign, but neither does battle royale mode ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

We know most wonder if Battlefield 2042 will have battle royale mode, and you can find the answer in the news headline. So there is no love for battle royale in BF which is great news for Activision and Warzone. DICE explained Eurogamer how they put the complete effort into multiplayer. For that reason, this year’s Battlefield won’t even have a campaign.

We can’t say we’re sorry there’s no campaign, but we hope so multiplayer will not disappoint. It is known that on launch The game has seven huge maps. Each map will bring dynamic weather change and advanced terrain destruction (at least on PS5 / XSX / XSS and PC).

We have been playing the game since October 22 this year. The first closed game test is scheduled for next month, but that’s all we know. When we find out more specific information, of course we will let you know. The game is already available for pre-order.

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