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Otherwise reliable and popular Youtuber Tyler McVicker in his new video he predicted what would happen at E3, and in one part he also looked at Bethesda, that is, the alleged problems that arose within the company after they were bought by Microsoft.

“Something that is happening is that people are leaving Bethesda after merging with Microsoft,” claims Tyler, who goes on to say that all of Bethesda’s studies have been affected. “I was able to get statements from several of them saying that the work culture within the entity has changed rapidly.”

It didn’t take long for the internet to react. The quotes spread on social networks, and the first denials arrived very quickly. One of Bethesda’s employees was among the first to respond.

“No one is leaving, everyone is still there,” he claims. That the rumor has nothing to do with the connection is also claimed by Jez Corden, a journalist from Windows Central who is always very well acquainted with the events with Microsoft. Eventually, Tyler also covered his ears, admitting that he had misunderstood everything.

“The rumor is completely false. It was placed through a source who is otherwise reliable, and who misunderstood, ”Tyler explains the game deaf phone which apparently took place.

But we will go back and quote Tyler again – “I managed to get statements from several of them.” Which was obviously a complete lie, which roughly reveals how the vast majority of rumors in the gaming industry come about. From the ass.

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