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It’s not PS5’s fault!

We will not lie to you. Biomutant is in our humble and full of love for games editorial, one of those games we can’t wait for. It’s not quite as acclaimed as any other title, but we have a good feel for it. Even one member of our editorial board got his copy of the game much, much earlier and yesterday confirmed what we didn’t want to hear at all.

They released an update today for the PS5 and totally screwed up the graphics. Great downgrade.


These are words you don’t want to hear when you have next-gen a console like the PS5 because we all know what it can do. The biomutant will thus work on the PS5 at a disgraceful 1080p resolution. This was confirmed by THQ Nordic himself via Twitter. The good news is that the game will run at 60FPS on the PS5.

Why does the PS5 version run at such a low resolution? THQ Nordic claims that these are technical reasons. Which and what? We do not know.

The game is over patch worked on 4K resolution and as Goran tells us – “she looked beautiful.” If we can comfort you, we believe it will come patch for the PS5 which will bring 4K resolution, only we don’t know when it will be.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X version spins at 4K and 60FPS and it can be seen that it simply looks better.

PS5 gameplay

Xbox Series X gameplay

It’s clear that in this case we can’t blame the PS5 console, which we know is capable of doing the job without any problems, but we are really interested in what went so badly that developers decide to issue patch who downgrade game.

What to do now with pre-orders of the PS5 version?

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