Dying Light 2 has finally got a release date and in the new gameplay it looks great ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

After several delays and significant departures of key people, we were really scared that Dying Light 2 could become such a well-known and seen story of great potential that infamously failed. But if we judge by the new gameplay display, we have no reason to fear. The game still looks very promising to us in every way. The world of the game seems very much alive, the fight seems to be improved, and it’s great anyway parkour from the unit he received a huge improvement.

The studio has added as many as 3,000 new animations that will make moving through the city an even better and more fluid experience. We also learned that three factions predominate in the city, and we will decide for ourselves which one to side with. Everything we do in the game will have a big impact on the story and events in the game. As we wrote earlier – our decisions will literally shape the world of the game.

The map of the game is huge. Life takes place on the rooftops and there is hope for a better tomorrow, while the street and the road mark a struggle for survival.

The night became even more dangerous because new enemies were introduced into the game, which are much more dangerous than before. Add to all this that the game will be playable in co-opu for 4 players and it is clear that a real treat awaits us.

In addition to the standard edition, you can pre-order the game in the Deluxe (steelbook) and collector’s edition.

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