EGS presents a new mysterious game – Among Us ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

The Mega Sale lasts until June 16, and the Epic Games Store offers a discount of as much as 10 euros on every game more expensive than 15 euros, and to make the sale even more legendary, it gives away one popular game every week for free until mid-June.

The games are unknown and each is a surprise in itself, and for the next week it is in the middle of the crown of the mega-popular Among Us that replaced NBA 2K21 today.

The popular Among Usa also lies in the low price of only 4 euros on computers, but if that was an obstacle for you to try this fun multiplayer title, now you have no excuses. Download it for free here.

Crossplay with Steam, iOS and Android players also applies to the version of the game from the Epic Games Store. What are you waiting for?

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