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Juventus has been at FIFA Piedmont since last year fake Roma, Spezia and Crotone also have names. Earlier this year, they were joined by Napoli, and today by the third-placed club of the recently completed Serie A.

Konami managed to obtain an exclusive license for Atalanta of our Pašalić. EA will have to put a fake name, jerseys and coat of arms in FIFA 22 instead of Atalanta. It is known that exclusive rights will last for “several years”.

eFootball PES will be a brand new game built from scratch in Unreal Engine next season. All Atalanta players will be scanned from head to toe and faithfully transferred to the game along with the biggest stars and licensed players of other clubs.

At the same time, we doubt that EA will cry because it has many times more rights to the world’s biggest leagues and competitions, but if PES performs next-gen football well, as I can rightly call it since they do it from scratch, the situation in football simulations could to change. If PES is back in vogue, we will all benefit.

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