Horizon Forbidden West has shown what the PS5 can do; The game looks amazing ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

Well, I have to admit I ran out of text. I don’t think anyone expected Horizon Forbidden West to look absolutely amazing. This is perhaps the first game we can say looks like a generational leap over the PS4 version, which is really impressive when we know that Forbidden West is coming to the PS4 as well. What will the games that will only come on PS5 look like then?

If you can, take a look at this one gameplay on a 4K TV or some fair AMOLED mobile screen. It really looks amazing.

IN gameplay demo we could see quite a few new moves that Aloy has learned, and we especially think she has melee the struggle progressed very much. In fact, it is superfluous to explain anything in this article.

The only thing we are missing is the release date, but Guerrilla said that the work on the game is going according to plan and that the release date will be announced very soon.

Needless to say, this is it day one shopping? It’s not.

Click for larger images.

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