Microsoft and Bethesda confirm a big conference full of new announcements and games ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

Microsoft will definitely pull out a “big weapon” this year. We would even dare to say that this year, Microsoft’s conference could be the best. There are several reasons, the biggest being Halo: Infinite and Bethesda.

Microsoft never had it again first party studios working on the games, and part of those games we will see on June 13 from 7pm our time. The conference will last about 90 minutes. The complete focus will be on games and gameplay already from the previously announced games, but we are also expecting the unveiling of several world exclusives.

The biggest public focus will be on the re-introduction of Halo: Infinite which we hope will look like next-gen game. Hello: Infinite simply must not fail as it is a game that is expected to sell the Xbox Series X console. Another game we know nothing about and is constantly being written about is Bethesda’s new space RPG – Starfield. Finally we expect to see gameplay and release date. It is certain that this will not be the only game that Bethesda will show and announce.

We’re sure a new Forza (Horizon) will be announced as well, and we’re all looking forward to seeing Fable IV. Microsoft has a lot to show this year and we really expect a lot.

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