Monark is a new work by veteran Shin Megami Tensei series ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

That is, to correct myself, veterans who no longer work on that series.

At first glance, Monark is very reminiscent of the Shin Megami Tensei game. Considering that the veterans of that series worked on the game, it is no surprise. But what exactly is Monarch? JRPG? That’s right, a Japanese RPG with turn-based free command system fighting, whatever that meant to them. The main protagonist will be (again) a high school student who will explore paranormal activities in his school. The story will branch in several directions, but the player will be able to jump from one direction to another arbitrarily. We must not forget to mention that Monark will have several different endings, which is already a classic for JRPGs like this.

I mentioned that veterans of the SMT series worked on the game, so let me list them:

  • Tsukasa Masuko – background music
  • so-bin – character design
  • Fuyuki Hayashi and Mitsuhiro Hoshino – planning and production
  • Fuyuki Hayashi and Ryutaro Ito – screenplay
  • Kazunari Suzuki and Aya Nishitani – script supervision

The presentation or discovery of the game will be on the official game page in less than 24 hours so you can take a look around this time tomorrow.

Monark will be released on October 14 in Japan for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but there is still the possibility of a simultaneous release in the west.

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