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Naughty Dog is cooking something big. It is only certain that it is separate multiplayer game. We believe it is about multiplayer a game set in The Last of Us universe. Is it about Factions multiplayer the fashion that was supposed to come out when The Last of Us? It is possible that it is, but it seems that the project has meanwhile become much more ambitious than originally planned.

The studio announced that it is looking for employees for “multiplayer a game that will have the quality of theirs single player games. ” This would mean that we can expect top production, top focus on the smallest details, top graphic presentation and top gameplay.

Embark on Naughty Dog’s newest adventure – the studio’s first standalone multiplayer game! We’re seeking to bring the same level of ambition and quality of our signature, story-driven games to this unique multiplayer project.


We believe the head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, was just thinking about a game coming from Naughty Dog, when stated “Yes who says yes multiplayer games can’t have a great story? ”.

Clearly, Naughty Dog is really working on a big “AAA” multiplayer the game we will be able to buy regardless of whether or not we own The Last of Us Part II. We believe we will find out what this is all about in the next month and a half. We are still waiting for Sony to announce the date of its conference where it will present everything that is coming to us in the future.

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