New delivery of PS5 consoles should arrive in Croatia this week ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

As we have learned from an otherwise reliable source, this week, after a long time, a significant delivery of new PS5 consoles will arrive in Croatia. Depending on which store you pre-booked, those who did so from 12 to mid-3 could get their consoles, but probably not all.

As it usually happens, the available pieces will be distributed in stores, but even if you don’t get your copy, don’t despair too much because there shouldn’t be such a long gap between larger deliveries.

In any case, store employees are not to blame for sluggish deliveries so refrain from cluttering with inquiries. Inquiries will not expedite delivery, and their quantity is such that it affects regular daily operations. They will contact you in time.

The new delivery of PS5 consoles will definitely affect the gray market of PS5 console resellers that we have been researching for months. We found out how they work, that they are connected to (at least) one store, how much they earn…

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