“Our games will come to the PC sometime, but PlayStation is number one” ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

Well, it would be pretty weird if Hermen Hulst didn’t say that, right? Joke aside, the head of PlayStation Studios confirmed what we actually knew – in the future, some PlayStation exclusives will come to the PC, but the question is in what time period. It is certain that it will not be on launch. Sony’s main focus is still exclusively on the PlayStation platform, while PC gaming could come with a few years off as is the case now.

Honestly, it’s hard to say that we’re surprised by statements like this because it’s clear that Sony’s main focus is the PlayStation, and the PC after two or three years comes as an additional source of revenue. If Sony started releasing its exclusives soon after its release on the PS5, it would be a big one in football jargon – an own goal. Or harakiri to conjure up picturesquely.

Therefore, if you are a big PlayStation fan and have a hard chair because PS exclusives have started coming to PC as well, we think you can relax. Both yourself and your bowel peristalsis. All is well.

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