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Wonderful news from Fouc Home Studios. They have been actively working on Hood: Outlaws & Legends a great patch that essentially fixes most of what I resented in the review.

IN post on the blog CEO Andrew Williams approached us, and explained all the doubts, shared great tips and announced great additions.

Patch 1.3. comes out as early as Monday

They successfully found a bug in matchmaking, fixed it and it arrives on consoles as early as next week. The patch has been present on the PC for some time and since then there have been no complaints about the long wait in lobbies.

They have also improved the sensitivity on the controllers, so players on consoles will definitely be relieved when it comes to playing with specific classes. They are also actively working on the balance itself, although they claim on the blog that the game is not as unbalanced as the players think.

A new map has been announced, a new one community challenge and a number of other additions to come completely free for all players as part of the zero season.

We can say that after only 2 weeks of release, the developers have managed to patch a number of key flaws. What is yet to come according to the announcements definitely sounds exciting. Did you play Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

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