Overwatch 2 brings one essential change

Yesterday we had a chance to follow the lengthy Overwatch 2 stream, and somehow most intrigued by Blizzard’s decision to reduce the number of players in PvP. Everyone who has played or watched at least one game of Overwatch, knows for yourself that PvP mode consists of 6v6 players. There are always two on the team damage class, two support class of those two tank class.

With the arrival of Overwatch 2 everything changes. Namely, Blizzard decided to throw out one thin so in the future we will play a game with two damage class, two support class and only one tank. This may seem like an insignificant change to you, but all of you who play Overwatch know that this is a very big deal because it changes the whole concept of gaming.

Aaron Keller (the main and responsible man of Overwatch) claims that by moving one thin, the fight will be much more fluid and will allow a lot more variation on in matches. Players are expected to because they are left without one thin and thus without defense, to use the map environment a lot more, but also to think more strategically about how to survive, that is, how to win.

Once Overwatch 2 comes out there are minor and major changes in the classes, and this is especially true for guessing – tank class. It will become much more mobile as well tanks will go much more into the fight than before. Now the situation is that they are tanks often static fortifications that provide huge defense teams. Also, now each of the classes will get one passive role, but we will learn more about that in the future.

Remember that once it comes out, Overwatch 2 will have parity with the original, which means that PvP matches will take place according to the 5v5 system. This means that then 5v5 also comes in the original.

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