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In addition to the Elden Ring, at the Summer Game Fest 2021, great attention was drawn to the information that Sony has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Deviation Games studio. If you’ve never heard of these developers, that’s because they haven’t released a single game yet. It is a brand new one developers made up of young forces gaming industry and veterans coming from several reputable studies such as:

  • The Coalition (Microsoft first party studio)
  • Arkane Studios
  • Blizzard
  • Sony Santa Monica
  • DICE
  • Respawn i
  • Treyarch

So the list is very impressive. Sony has obviously estimated that this team has great potential because it is unlikely that Sony would decide to fund a project that has no prospects. It is not yet known what Sony and Deviation Games are working on, but we only know that this is a large and ambitious “AAA” innovative project.

Most players think it is multiplayer plays because the studio is mostly made up of a team from Treyarch, but we can really only guess.

Sony points out that they are very happy to have partnered with Deviation Games because, as Sony says, “Deviation studio is working on something quite special.”

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