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Our day is full of news from Ubisoft, but you know that Ubisoft almost always leaks all the information before the queue. Today, information was leaked that Ubisoft is working on a new FPS consisting of three games from Tom Clancy’s universe. These are of course Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and The Division. It is very likely that this FPS will be free to play title. Ubisoft said earlier that it would focus (among other things) on F2P titles in the future.

The new FPS is currently codenamed “BattleCat” and what we do know is that each of the aforementioned games will offer players a choice of several classes. Each class or faction you choose will offer the player a unique power.

So far, it is known that there will be two modes in the game. The first is Escort in which one team has to deliver a package to the finish line and the other team wants to prevent it. The second mode is called Ringleader in which players have to collect rings from dead players per map. This sounds like pure F2P to us.

The game is reportedly at a very early stage of development and the question is whether we will see it on June 12 at the Ubisoft conference.

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