The Elden Ring has finally been shown and will be released at the beginning of next year ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

We finally experienced that too. The game From Software Studios, the creator of Souls games, and the game that George RR Martin (Song of Ice and Fire) worked on has finally been shown to the world. And we have to say that everyone who loves her will adore her souls genre because this is definitely souls plays in never greater fantasy the world.

It seems to us that Elden Ring will be a bit more open game, but the dark and gloomy atmosphere that accompanies Dark Souls titles is very noticeable. We don’t have to predict at all that the game will be an absolute hit.

Elden Ring will be released on January 21, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC, Xbox One and PS4. More details will be known soon. We just hope the game won’t be delayed.

Enjoy the gallery of official pictures. Click to enlarge! This is really wonderful.

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