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Bioshock 4 has been in development since 2019, everyone knows that, but beyond that we don’t know too much about the game. Bioshock has delighted gamers and critics since 2007 and has become one of the synonyms for quality FPS, and Sony seems to be more aware of that than others.

Reportedly, Sony has secured time exclusivity on consoles, a rumor that was placed on the relatively popular XboxEra podcast on the eve of E3 (which will also feature 2K, the publisher of Bioshock).

“I’ve been told that Sony is trying to buy exclusivity for the new Bioshock, I don’t know exactly what kind but I guess it’s about time exclusivity,” commented the podcast co-founder which, of course, didn’t sit well with the other podcasters.

Microsoft did the same with the first Bioshock

One of them remembered well that Microsoft did the same with the first Bioshock, so this return is actually a welcome treat. The first Bioshock arrived on the PS3 more than a year after the initial one launcha.

The PC probably won’t be affected by this, and since we don’t even have a lot of Xbox players, this won’t mean anything to many. However, the internet has already revolted and the question is what will happen from this. We could find out in about 10 days when the E3 presentations start.

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