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A very bold statement comes from the creative director of the series, who is convinced that the new Forza Motorsport is the best so far. Aren’t they always just the best ever?

A month has passed since the first playtesta Forze Motorosport, and creative director Chris Esaki is more than happy with what was shown. Major changes in the core itself are announced gameplay, in order to make the feeling of racing as faithful and high quality as possible. It is a bombastic announcement that the Forze Motorsport 7 has undergone many more changes than the fourth to seventh Forze Motorsport. So it’s total revamp series and something completely new and ingenious or running through the sequels of Forza Motorsport with minimal changes, we’ll see when the game comes out.

Chris touched the tires and faithfully transmitted information from the track. As an indicator of a huge shift, he gave an example collision model tires, which has so far had one point of contact with the ground and a refresh rate of 60 cycles per second, or 60Hz. The new Forza Motorsport will have as many as 8 touch points with the ground with a dizzying 360 refreshments per second, or 360Hz. In addition to the tires, Chris also promises that the feeling of driving over the curb will be greatly improved and realistic.

Forza Motorosport will probably be released sometime next year for the Xbox Series S and X, and many more await us by then playtestova. Maybe in one of the following you will be chosen to participate?

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