The new season arrives in Warzone next week, the first gameplay trailer has been shown ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

While Fortnite got its season a few days ago, in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops, the new season arrives on June 17 which is therefore next Thursday. Activision announces that Season 4 will be full of content, and it seems to us that it will be just as (un) exciting as all seasons so far.

The new season brings so new maps in multiplayer, new MP modes as well as changes to Warzone (mostly rebalance of weapons and changes to the map). Of course, new operators will also come.

For a much bigger change in Warzone, players will wait for the release of the new “Kal of Duty” when Verdansk will be replaced by a brand new map and a completely different WWII theme.

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