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For a month now, a trailer for Battlefield 6 has been leaking picture by picture, and why DICE and EA did not release it in its full form is not clear to absolutely anyone. We don’t know about you, but after the shots taken with potatoes and procrastination, we completely lost the will to play, however, the good thing in a series of bad ones is that it will not be a trailer with which Battlefield 6 will be officially announced.

The always well-informed team from Eurogamer claims that this is a trailer that was never intended for the public. It is a display of the game with a single purpose, and that is for internal use. And why it never leaked in some higher quality deserves great credit watermork in the middle of it, which would reveal the person who released the trailer without authorization.

The whole view is easy to find on the internet, but we do not recommend you to look for it because the quality is totally poor. We will see robot dogs, rockets and dynamic-massive action in full view as early as next month. Some argue that it could happen as early as Wednesday, June 2, but for now we will remain cautious.

“A true next-gen,” claims EA for Battlefield 6, which is also the title for older-generation consoles. Strange and contradictory. How much a cross-gen title can be next-gen we will find out, hopefully, very soon. That we don’t need to worry last night may have been proven to us by Guerilla with 14 minutes of impressive gameplay for the also cross-gen title Horizon Forbidden West.

Btw what has the frog got to do with Battlefield? You will find out soon. Or maybe not.

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