This profile on Steam is worth close to 280 thousand dollars ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

Anyone who doesn’t have dozens of games on Steam isn’t even a PC gamer. We often buy great games for a few kunas, but this profile that PC Gamer came across is not a standard slightly overcrowded profile.

The most expensive Steam profile in the world belongs to a nickname player St4ck and interestingly, according to Steam Ladder, the greatest value doesn’t come from games. As much as $ 242,881 is spent on cards, badges and everything else that is not games.


AND St4ck there are a bunch of them. As many as 6,500 cards make it the largest owner of Steam cards in the world, and 4,612 games worth $ 36,000 rank it among 0.1% of game owners. Needless to say, it reached a maximum Steam level of 5000?

In addition to being a gamer and collector, St4ck is also a great humanitarian. His group for giveaways it numbers 223 thousand people, and he and colleagues on it have distributed thousands of codes to those who don’t.

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