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The first thing on yesterday’s repertoire Summer Games Festa it was a new 2K game Gearbox Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Ashly Burch, the actress who gives the voice to Tiny Tina (also known to many as Aloy from Horizon), also came on stage. During the presentation, it was Ashly who brought us more information about the upcoming title. The game will be a real “AAA” title with a complete campaign, cooperative play of up to 4 players, and will have a rich endgame content. Players who love Borderlands they will find similarities between these two titles, but also a lot of differences.

For the first time, you will be able to create your own characters and arrange each of them into different classes. The game will have the classic style of play inherent Borderlands, and alone setting is fantastic. There will be lots of dragons, goblins and dwarves, and they draw inspiration from Tiny Tina The DLC we played in Borderlands 2. Randy Pitchford also spoke out and claims the game has been in development for almost 10 years. Her release is scheduled for first quarter of 2022.

Do you like the new Borderlands spinoff? Which Borderlands game do you like the most?

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