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Xbox 360 owners, do you remember this game?

Yes games, I intentionally wrote games! Watch the trailer and you will understand why I called Toy Soldiers HD a game. But while this HD remaster of the popular Xbox Live Arcade game looks like a child’s play, the developers announce that there will still be a lot more depth and complexity. For one game.

The player will have at his disposal authentic soldiers from the First World War, as well as tanks, planes and all other war aids. They will be able to puppet control “from the air” or as a classic strategy game, but in moments when needed they will be able to jump into the shoes or boots of soldiers and take action into their own hands. The battlefields are extremely detailed and sweetly recreated in tabletop diorama style and represent some of the most famous battles of the First World War.

The HD Remaster will include all the DLCs ever released, as well as some new content. A great move must be acknowledged. Graphically, the game – the game – has been completely redesigned and the controls have been adapted to modern consoles, ie computers. The single player will feature a British and German campaign with as many as 18 missions, while the DLC will feature a French campaign. There is also multiplayer fashion, both online and in couch split-screen form. Nine maps will be available to players to fight others. In addition to all the above, after the successful completion of the campaign, Survival Mode is unlocked, where the player fights against the constant waves of opponents in order to survive as long as possible.

Toy Soldiers HD Remaster is coming out in September this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The price is unknown for now.

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