Ubisoft confirms that we will not see The Division news soon ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

If you’re like me, and you were hoping Ubisoft would show the new The Division Heartland at the upcoming conference, then you’ll be just as disappointed as I am because Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division will not be present at E3. I have to admit that this is pretty weird when we know everyone wants to see the free The Heartland Division which should be “the next big quarrel for the company.”

What about us and you who still play The Division 2? Massive and Ubisoft have promised new content for the end of the year, but they’re not ready to show what they’re working on either. Obviously the complete content is in the early stages of development and it is very questionable whether we will get anything new at all by the end of the year. We’re glad to see Massive working on new stuff, but it’s disappointing that they’re not ready to show anything and it’s very questionable when it will be at all.

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