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In the madness of yesterday between the presentations of SEGA, Dying Light and Horizon, he secretly infiltrated us and House of Ashes about which we have written a great deal lately.

The general manager of the game, Will Doyle, addressed us and explained what new changes await us in the future. He explained the story of the game itself in more detail, and quoted movies like Predator,, Alien and The Descent as the main inspiration during the development. Also one of the major influences is Lovecraft’s book Mountains of Madness.

“In the real world, Mesopotamia itself dates back up to 6,000 years,” Doyle explains. Named the cradle of humanity it is in itself an ancient mystery that players will enjoy exploring.

Greater focus on enemy design

A big change is also coming when it comes to monsters. Doyle tells us that they have developed the most advanced monster ever, and all this is due to good CGI and motion capture.

We also got a period about which the action takes place, and that is in 2003 in Iraq. Soldiers are trying to find weapons of mass destruction, however, going deep underground they find something much more dangerous.

As for the new features – they finally fixed that camera! You will now be able to move 360 ​​degrees without any problems. Also for the first time in the series this sequel has difficulty levels. Some players had difficulty with QTE sequences, while others did not. Now this is balanced by the weight settings, and the initial weight will allow the most clumsy ones to enjoy the story carefree.

What we still have to wait for is the release date that is not presented. See the full presentation below. Are you planning to play House of Ashes?

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