Will we get a new show for Far Cry 6 this week? ›FFA.hr Gaming Portal

It’s been a little less than a year since Ubisoft first announced Far Cry 6. It was during their first Ubisoft Forward, and the game was first scheduled for Feb. 18 this year.

We didn’t get anything on the second Ubisoft Forward either, and a couple of months before the release we got a postponement of the game to a hitherto unknown date. The release date of May 25 then appeared on the Microsoft Store, however, I can confirm that we did not receive our copy today.

We recently wrote about Ubisoft’s financial report. It is defined there that they expect to release Far Cry 6 by the end of September 2021 at the latest.

Now a rumor is circulating on the internet that we should get a new show (and hopefully the first gameplay) on Friday, May 28, after 7 pm, when the embargo for an interview that the studio did with some media allegedly expires. If we don’t get anything on Friday, then we will definitely get it at the E3 presentation in 2 weeks.

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