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Xbox studio boss Matt Booty, as well as the man overseeing Bethesda (who still has some autonomy) confirmed for the French Le Figaro how they will have a joint presentation of the games in mid-June.

Although it has not yet been confirmed that the joint performance will be at this year’s digital E3 (held from June 12 to 15), we expect that it will indeed be held within that framework.

Microsoft completed the purchase of Bethesda for $ 7.5 billion earlier this year, bringing their number of studios to a whopping 23. Microsoft threw their cards at Game Pass, but Booty claims they are not guided by a subscription service when deciding what games to develop. Which should mean they will continue to insist on quality rather than quantity.

Striking titles

We believe that Starfield will be of good quality (along with standard Bethesda bugs), and just these days the most popular people are arguing about it on the Internet. insiders. Some argue that Starfield is the title planned for this year, and yet Jason Schreier warns that we don’t hope too much.

“Lower expectations,” the gaming industry’s best-known reporter tells us, but says Starfield will certainly be looking at E3. The approximate release date could be officially set at the end of 2022.

What else could we see at the presentation of the united forces? The new Fable, Halo, Everwild, Avowed and certainly a few big surprises.

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